Tower Torquing and Services

About Tower Torquing

A specialist “Tower Maintenance” division as part of Enmaass wider range of services. The division has a significant track record in providing safe and innovative solutions to the maintenance of various difficult to access structures, in particular the maintenance of transmission.

The work is achieved using fall protected free climbing and rope access techniques, which significantly improves flexibility and provides cost savings to our clients by eliminating the need for complex scaffolding in remote areas. In addition, Enmaass “live line” accreditation means that maintenance can continue without the need for outages.

Specifically, the division provides the following services
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Application of protective coatings
  • Tower erection and construction work
  • Prevent your industrial gearbox from overheating
  • Abrasive induced water jetting
  • Metal spray zinc application
  • Steel replacement and bolt torquing